Testing and Measuring Instruments

TriRaptor Three-phase High Current Injection

The TriRaptor combines three single-phase Raptor Master units and a special three-phase user interface to provide seamless, stabilized 120º wye or delta injection of high current in substation commissioning and primary equipment testing jobs.

The TriRaptor can be powered from a 230VAC single phase supply as long as it measures up to the injection power required by each particular job.

The three injection cables are attached to both ends of each phase in the tested section (substation bus) or measurement / protection device and made into a common (neutral) at one of the ends. Then the operator pre-selects the desired injection value for each phase on the touch screen and presses the ON button. In timing applications, the 1-millisecond chronometer will start counting and the test will stop when an external signal is detected or a predefined duration has elapsed.
All results including time and external measurements can be saved in the console’s permanent memory for future download and analysis on a Windows PC.


  • Portable 35-kg elements with wheels and handle.
  • Dynamic output stabilization.
  • Multi-functionality
  • Expandability.
  • Convenient and efficient pass-through technique.
  • Pre-configured tests
  • Test & results storage, download and reporting
  • Internet connection


  • Substation commissioning
  • Three-phase primary testing.