Economical and Practical
With combinatbn of digital control, high precision mechanical driving and thermal cutting technique, it wiI1 be able to keep stable cutting quality with highest standard under the long-term and high-Intensive working conditions

Machine Features
• Stable and reliable modularization cutting unit
• Quik installation, no need foundation preparation, space saving
• High accuracy mechanical driving
• Good finish surface, almost no secondary treatment
• Low use-cost, without special maintenance
• Friendly operation panel, easy-to-use
• Automate programming, optimization nesting and piercing path, save steal efficient,
• G Lode and M code readable
• DXF/DWG files programming and nestling
• USB key data transmission


Heavy Duty and Precision
Gantry Type Series CNCSG heavy duty, precision machine, specially designed for cutting large steel plate, can ba equipped with multiple plasma torches and flames torches. It is very efficient, with excellent cutting qualhy.

Machine Features
• Gantry and box type welded structure, annealed long service life, steady and durable under heavy load and high duty cycle condition.
• Gapless gearing transmit stabled and smooth running In high speed, so that we can achieve excellent cutting quality.
• Integrated auto ignition with automatic height control, keep the proper height between cutting torch and work piece. so that we can achieve the best cutting quality.
• Able to cut work piece with several torches at the same time, can improve cutting efficiency
• Low use and maintenance cost, dispenshg special maintenance, friendly operator interface, easy to learn
• Reliable, safe cnc system, automatic programming. optimization nesting and piercing path, so that we can save steel effectively