Slitting Line :-

Main Features :

This  production  is  used  to  let  the  steel  coil  to  uncoiler, section  shear and  recoiler.  Then  the  coil  change  in  to some  coils which  have  the  requirement  length.This  line  is  fit  to  ma-chining  cold  carbon  roll  steel  and  hot carbon  roll  steel, stainless  steel  and  many  metal  plated  coil. Production  line  includes  uncoiler car, uncoiler, leveller, section  shear, waste  coil  recoiler, pinch  machine, recoiler, unloading  set. etc. whole  line  is  controlled  by  PLC,HMI and  machine  screen  display.


Metal Range -From 0.2 to 25mm Metal can be processed to make shePlate from standard size coil.
Metal material-MS, CS,SS, CRCA etc can be processed.


Standard Coil

Standard coil is formed into many coil as per required size

Slitted  coil