Testing and Measuring Instruments

LET-1000-RD primary test equipment



Plug & Play output amplifiers and functional components that can be installed and replaced by the user. The minimum configuration includes:

  • 3 voltage + 3 current outputs, switchable to 6 current outputs. User-upgradeable up to 12 outputs (two complete 3-phase systems)
  • 12 binary inputs + 8 binary outputs
  • Auxiliary 0 – 250 VDC source to power the tested relay
  • DC current and voltage measurement input
  • 12 low-level outputs to test sensors, meters etc,
  • Ethernet LAN, USB and RS-232 connectivity

Multi-language touch screen

An extensive choice of computer assisted test functions at the reach of your fingertip:

  • Quick on-screen quantity adjustment and test initiation
  • Super-imposed harmonics
  • Output channel grouping
  • Pulse, Ramp, Binary Search, State Sequencer and COMTRADE recording playback.
  • Unlimited storage of test setups & results on removable USB memory
  • Computer-generated test reports
  • Lifetime software update via Internet