Lifting and Attachment Tools

Used in various services of construction and maintenance of electrical installations. It has a device for locking and lowering the load gradually, and can be handled in two positions, to the right or left of the axis of application of the load.

Nylon Studs

One and two tonne hoists are supplied with plastic terminal at the end for manual working by the method to the contact. Your nylon rods can be purchased as spare parts.

Nylon risers are not considered insulation tools for working in energized installations; In this case, your nylon tie rod should be complemented with an insulation stick for hoists and blocks, compatible with the safety distance table.

Catalog Reference description Weight Approx.(kg)
 RC309-0323 Nylon rod carriage (1 ton) with drive handle with plastic terminal 6.30
 RC312-0000 Casing with nylon rod (2 ton) with drive handle with plastic terminal 7.80
 RC309-0451 Nylon riser with drive handle with plastic terminal 5.30

Converts with nylon convertible rods allow the conversion of the working load capacity to 0.75 ton. or 1.5 tons, simply make the arrangement on the nylon rods, as follows:

To use the 0.75 tonne load capacity, attach the load hook sheave to the free end loop of the tie rod.

To convert the load capacity of the 0.75 ton hoist. to 1.5 ton, keep the load hook sheave installed in the middle of the nylon tie rod when it is folded, and with the end of the tie rod attached to the hoop body.

Distance Between Hooks Arrangement for
0.75 ton.
Arrangement for
1.5 ton.
Minimum 546 mm 546 mm
Maximum 2740 mm 1370 mm

Chain Hoist

Lightweight and fast to operate, it has features that give the operator greater productivity to work in tight spaces because their drive handle operates on all sides of the load.

For easier coupling and load alignment, it has forged steel hooks with safety lock and 360 ° swivel.

For safety reasons, chains are released for free-form movement only when there is no load.

The hoists have two control levers, the first to change the direction of the movements, and the second to activate the safety lock of the movements.

Control levers are easy to operate, even with the use of gloves.

Catalog Reference Nominal Working Capacity (ton.) Weight Approx.(kg)
 750E 0.75 7.30
 1500E 1.50 11.50
 3000E 3.00 17.00