Versatility of Aerial Platform

  • Provides access from either side of the energized double circuit line conductors or from inside
  • Simultaneous launching of linemen on all the six conductors of double circuit line for conductor repairs or spacer-damper and insulator change etc


  • Suitability for wide range of 110 kV to 765 kV level
  • Permits live line bare-hand and hot-stick works
  • Qualifying with ANSI A92.2 and IEC 1057 Standards
  • Minimize lineman (hotman) fatigue and the need to climb towers
  • Reduces the need for ladders and hot sticks
  • Requires minimum equipment set-up time
  • Simultaneous operation of telescopic, articulated and rotational boom movement functions for rapid positioning of platform
  • Safety interlocking in between outriggers and other operation controls of aerial platform
  • Platform conductive metal-cage provides full protection of the lineman without a potential difference
  • Manual lowering of boom in case of failure of electrical / fiber optic control system

Live Line Work Applications:-

  • Replacement of spacers, corona ring, dampers etc.
  • Maintenance of jumper cones and insulator string hardware
  • Attending of hot-spots
  • Conductor repairs by preformed/ compressed sleeves
  • Replacement of suspension and tension insulator string
  • Full load replacement of mid-span joint
  • Live line washing of insulators
  • Live line crossing of transmission lines