What is Emergency Restoration Towers:-

ERS are modular aluminium towers, used to quickly restore power on damaged power transmission lines as well as to facilitate scheduled maintenance work with minimal power interruption.

Typical Applications:-

  • Emergency towers for transmission or distribution lines
  • Temporary towers during scheduled maintenance work

Technical specifications:-

  • Material: Aluminium 6061-T6
  • Equipment and accesssories can be installed anywhere (every 31 cm.)
  • Foundation: Not required (base plate directly on ground)
  • Anchors: Helix, Manta Ray, Rock Anchors…
  • Standard Section Length: 3m (can be customized)
  • Maximum Height: 120m +
  • Standard Section Weight: under 135kgs
  • Wind Speed Resistance: 270km/h +
  • Integrated rail system for improved efficiency
  • Integrated life-line for better safety

Advantages of towers:-

  • Easy storage/transport + All parts in 1 container Faster Response
  • Low labor requirements + Standard tools + Maintenance-free Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Lighter weight + Innovative accessories + Improved security Better Technology
  • Software training + Field training + Technical support Best Training & Support Program
  • 6 people + 3 hours Erection of a 30m tower complete with insulators and anchors