• X/Y/Z travel: – 1000x850x950 mm
  • Spindle: Built-In type 10,000 rpm Gearhead type 6,000 rpm (OPT.)
  • ATC: 40 Tools, 60 / 90 Tools (OPT.)
  • The high rigid and heavy loading linear guideways with roller type precision bearing on 3 axes ensuring stability and accuracy in long time machining.
  • Constructed with FC300 cast iron. T-shape one piece base and dual wall column are designed with rigid construction
  • Stepped beam is structured effectively reduces torque created by spindle stock and cutting force.
  • The transmission system employs class C3 precision ball screws on 3 axes and pre-tension in order to eliminate backlash and extension due to temperature increase.
  • Coolant through Spindle
  • Coolant tank capacity: 600 liter
  • Sub-coolant tank of CTS capacity: 260 liter
  • Coolant through Spindle: 18~20 bar
  • Dual chip screw conveyor system
  • Built-in dual chip screw conveyor is high efficient chip disposal system that completely prevent the coolant sink out due to assembling defect.
  • Oil skimmer (Disk type)
  • Equipped the synchronous motor which will automatically slip when there are overload in order to protect motor of oil skimmer. Not only the hydrophilic disk is used to bring up oil, but the scraping is used to scrape the oil on the disk to ensure the coolant is used in a long time.
  • Chain type chip conveyor + Bucket + Sub-coolant tank of CTS.