Innovative Design Concept.

Over the years, Campro has dedicated itself to provide machining centers that fully meet customer’s requirements for productivity and accuracy. The concept is to design and Manufacture VMCs that not only feature maximum stability and productivity, but also to achieve environmental protection compliance and human factors engineering Theorem. The CPV series is designed and manufactured Based on that concept.

Machine Features

CPV 550/750

  • CPV-550 / 750 are equipped with high precision and heavy loading series linear guideways on 3 axes. Automatic lubrication system for all linear Guideways and balls crews.
  • Constructed with high quality cast iron and heat treated to relieve stress thereby assuring maximum rigidity and accuracy.
  • The base is reinforced by A type rib layout to upgrade absorption capability of vibration and is constructed of a box type structure is designed via Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and advanced 3D software.


  • Box ways on Z-axis, X / Y axes are equipped with precision heavy loading linear guide ways, featuring high positioning accuracy.
  • The counter-balance system is equipped with a guide rail for increasing stability, avoiding vibration during high federate or rapid traverse and ensuring machining accuracy.
  • Extra wide base provide rigid support of the machine to achieve flawless accuracy